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Show your ❤ for recycling

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Recycling is really important if we want to leave a healthy planet for our future generation.

It begins at home, in everyday life, with some simple but impacting environmental actions.

Why don't we share our daily recycling actions with our community?

This campaign invite the audience to immortalise themselves during an ecological gesture. A layer mask enhance the message and the design of the pictures taken.

The first welcome screen to encourage the public to share its day-life recycling action.

The result are really varied and creative!

How can we create a simple mask engagement?

First, we choose the Mask template editor, to create a selfie-based campaign, pronto.

Second, we designed our campaign splash screen. The call to action has to be clear and sound for the audience.

Furthermore, all we had to do is create a predefined mask. The layer should visually describing the action of the cause in an original and impacting way.

We can upload the image to our engagement template in two clicks.

That's all folks! Now share it to your favourite social channels.


This engagement was made by SLAM mask template



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