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SAMSUNG : Delighting World Cup fans while driving product awareness

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

The Story

Soccer is a passion that connects and moves people all around the world.

As part of their marketing efforts, SAMSUNG wanted to engage with their soccer fans audience and establish SAMSUNG and flagship product QLED TV as the must have for a great Soccer watching experience, with strong focus on 2018 World Cup.


In partnership with their Agency and SLAM, SAMSUNG created more than 20 Engagements, part of the same campaign, to enable their audience to share their insights, feelings and opinions on matches & teams. All these interactions were branded and each post shared gained organic exposure, showcasing SAMSUNG’s QLED TV.

Engagement Examples

By using games and Match Forecasts / bets, SAMSUNG drove outsdaning Post Engagement results

Media Coverage

With a cross-channel strategy mixing organic, paid media and influencer marketing, SAMSUNG delivered its message across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to maximize audience reach.


Discover the full Case Study

You can read more about SAMSUNG's World Cup Campaign with SLAM in this case study, and discover detailed Engagements Design, Audience response and more. Click to read more


This is a great example of how Brands can join in an important event and include their audience in a collaborative experience.

What about you ? What will you create ? Get started now !


This engagement was made by SLAM mask template



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